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HebeiUniversity is a key comprehensive university which is co-constructed by Hebei Provincial peoples Government and the Ministry of Education. It is also a first-level university supported by Hebei Province to build a national first-class university.

Presently HBU covers 412 acres, including Wusi road campus, QiYi road campus, YuHua road campus and etc. There are 15 doctoral programs in first-tier disciplines, 46 master's degree programs in first-tier disciplines, and 30 authorized categories of master's degrees. It has 67 state-level outstanding talents, such as academicians of the two academies, national outstanding youth, "Ten Thousand talents Plan", state-level teachers, young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions, experts of special allowance of the State Council, et,and 330 high-level talents at or above the provincial and ministerial level, such as Yan-Zhao scholars and excellent experts in provincial management.

The College of Chinese Medicine is the secondary college of Hebei University, founded in 1949, formerly known as the Department of Chinese Medicine of Hebei Medical College of staff and Workers, and merged into Hebei University in 2005 with the overall integration of Hebei Medical College of staff and Workers.

The college has 43 faculty members and 27 full-time teachers, of which 37% have senior professional titles, 51.9% have doctoral degrees, 1 person is "top talent in Hebei Province", and 1 person is the inheritor of traditional Chinese medicine technology in Hebei Province.

Thecollege hasimplemented the "tutoring system for undergraduates of Chinese medicine" and the "double tutors" system for graduate students, selected a group of well-known folk traditional Chinese medicine with high clinical level or skills, and built 9 workshops specializing in traditional Chinese medicine.In addition, more than 40 teachers with senior titles from tertiary hospitals such as the first traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in Baoding, Cangzhou Integrated traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Hospitaland Affiliated Hospital of Hebei University are employed as external teachers.

At present, the college has two undergraduate majors: Chinese medicine and Chinese materia medica, and has a professional master's degree in Chinese medicine and a academicmaster's degree in Chinese materia medica. There are 824 students, including 743 undergraduates and 81 postgraduates.

The college consists of the department of Chinese Medicine, the department of Chinese materia medica, the teaching and experimental management and service office, and the scientific research management service center and so on.In addition, there are 11 laboratories and training rooms, with a total area of 1684 square meters.Students have won many awards in national innovation and entrepreneurship training programs, Challenge Cup, Tianyan Challenge Cup and other competitions.A groop of students won the first prize in the 8th "Tianyan Challenge Cup" Chinese Medicine Innovation Design Competition for College Students in National Medical Colleges and Universities.In recent years, the employment rate and enrollment rate of students are among the highest in the school.

Thecollege has a good development trend in recent years. The introduction of a high-end talent as the academic vice dean has created a new situation in the talent introductionwork.According to the professional characteristics, the college conducts discipline construction,and buildsYanzhao School cultural research team, clinical research team of integrated Chinese and western medicine, Hebei authentic traditional Chinese medicine resource team and Chinese medicine transformation medicine team. It has also built the Research and Popularization Center of the Yi Water School of Chinese Medicine in Hebei University.And we actively provide intellectual support and suggestions for Baoding Health Commission, Drug Capital Anguo and Hebei Institute of Chinese Medicine.In recent years, our teachers have undertaken 4 national scientific research projects, 15 at provincial and ministerial level, more than 20 at department and bureau level, published 107 academic papers, and won 2 provincial and ministerial scientific research awards.

The college takes "cultivatingpeople with morality" as the fundamental task, "cultivating both morality and skills" as the basic path, and adhering to the concept of "inheriting the essence, keeping integrity and innovation", to cultivate compound and high-quality applied Chinese medicine talents with a sense of mission of "doctor sincerity", solid basic theory of Chinese medicine and strong clinical practice ability.


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